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I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a little bit about myself and my journey. As a profession, I am a licensed Esthetician who performs services in skincare, lash extensions and body waxing. My educational background is in art history, biology and business. After 7 years in different corporate settings I decided to pursue my passion. To my surprise I’m unsure of what it is, I’m still searching… I do know for sure that my deepest and most desired passion is communion with God and connection with others.

Embers of the Soul is my blog in pursuit of that end. I took a two year break and I’m slowly getting back into it. I incorporate my spiritual journey with my art history background to create a medium that is both contemplative and reflective through visual art and  writing. I never in my wildest dreams would think that I wanted to write but it is a form of expression that I’m learning to do.

‘‘IF you write for God you will reach many men and bring them joy. If you write for men—you may make some money and you may give someone a little joy and you may make a noise in the world, for a little while. If you write only for yourself you can read what you yourself have written and after ten minutes you will be so disgusted you will wish that you were dead.”

Thomas Merton, New Seeds of Contemplation.

In this website, you will also find my floral portfolio. I am available to design flowers for special events, weddings, church altars or weekly home/office services. I have been working with flowers and plants since forever. I have always planted and played with them since I was a child. I’ve arranged flowers for my church altar since I was 16. In Vietnam, I used to visit the monastery to buy fish sauce for my mom and would always ask the monk for a seedling from their garden. To them it is a weed and they would remove it from their garden but to me it was an opportunity. I would take the seeding home and care for it in my own garden.

When our family moved to Michigan in 1992 from Vietnam, I remembered the first spring being the most beautiful transformation I’ve ever seen. There was still snow on the grown yet there were purple and white crocuses blooming. It baffled me that something so delicate could emerge from snow and ice. I have always been very curious of my environment and things that stem from the earth.

I use my knowledge of plants and flowers along with my biology background in my aesthetics approach. The products that I use and the experience I create for each service stems from my knowledge of the skin and plants to benefit the people I serve.

All this to say, I do a few things to one end and it’s to glorify God and the beauty of His creation. I write about my journey with God, offer my gifts and the creation of my hands through floral design and serve His people through skincare services.


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