Facial Services

"I recently saw Chau for the first time for a facial. It was a very relaxing experience. Her room is clean, peaceful, and she played great music. The treatment itself is very thorough and she explained what she was doing. The massage portion was wonderful and I look forward to seeing her again soon!" - S.K


Relaxation Facial - 60 Minutes

Why pay for a facial when you can slap on products at home?You will enjoy 60 minutes of complete relaxation with a double cleanse, exfoliation, skin analysis, 30 minutes pressure point facial massage, treatment mask, scalp massage, facial toner, treatment serum, moisturizer, and sun protection.

It's sixty minutes of active service time and feels like one long massage session. The perk of getting a facial done by Chau! You will be educated on the condition of your skin and recommendations for home care.

Customized Facial - 70 Minutes

All the benefits of my Relaxation Facial with an extra treatment customized to your skin needs. Products are worked into the skin through massage movements by hand or modality. A great choice of acne treatment!

Our skin is like us. It's lazy and a customized facial stimulates your skin cells to start working again. Think of me as a personal trainer and a cook for your skin! When was the last time your personal trainer cooked you lunch and your chef stretched you after lunch? I didn't think so...

Signature Facial - 75 Minutes

Enjoy 75 minutes of relaxation, massage, pampering, customized skin treatments with upgrades of collagen treatment to stimulate collagen production, uv pigmentation mask to even out skin tone, and hydration boost to plump and firm the skin. 

Back Facial - 40 Minutes

A back facial is an excellent way to unwind and pamper yourself. It's a great way to treat back acne, deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin!